Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trailer review-The Spirit

most of my free time is spent on the downloads page watching HD movie trailers, and every so often one catches my eye. recently, the black trench coat, hat and mask with a blood red tie has caught my eye I'm speaking of course of Frank Millers the Spirit. now so far i've only seen the trailer so any of the following observations are based solely on that. the most recent trailer opens with a single frame flash of a woman being robbed by a man armed with a Cold steel magnum Tanto IX  when from the rooftops dives the Spirit. so far i'm interested, but i'm not going to give you a walkthrough of the trailer ill let you see it for yourselves. but this movie which is jam-packed with full throttle heavily stylized fight scenes,awesome weapons and many a lovely lady in my humble opinion this is gonna be one hell of a super-hero movie.

watch it here

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