Monday, December 8, 2008

Wizards and fairies and Zombies, Oh My!

recently in my never ending quest for the perfect desktop Wallpaper i came across a collection by a man named Jason Chan. i was immediately impressed by the workmanship of his art and the dark almost comedic nature of some of them. his art has been featured in such more well known things as the companion comic to I am Legend. As i am typing this i am admiring my new favorite desktop, Zombie Playground By Jason Chan

check out his blog Here

and his gallery Here


The Unkower

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Movie review- Changeling

Changeling is a movie that kept me literally on the edge of my seat, moment for moment the movie twists and turns but at no point seems unbelievable. with most "based on a true story" type movies there are large chunks of the actual story that are sacrificed in either early stages of productions or in moments where the editors make the critical choice to keep the timing and flow of the movie smooth, in changeling these details do not seem to be lost in the least bit, i actually took the time to research the actual events that the movie is based on and the movie stay true to the original story almost "to a T" the imagery in the movie is incredibly striking and very historically accurate, Angelina Jolie is absolutely incredible as the Christine Collins, the mother of a young boy who disappears one day leaving no trace of himself or his suspected abductor. After a five month long investigation the LAPD tells christine that they have found her son! and that he is arriving by train the next day. but when Christine meets the train and sees the boy that has arrived, he is not her son. this is just the first of the many gut wrenching twist and turns that the movie has to offer

check it out Here


The Unkower

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Movie review- Milk

It is a rare pleasure for me to see a movie that is so utterly moving that it makes me want to change the way i treat people of any color, any creed, any orientation and any opinion. It was my distinct pleasure to see the Gus Van Sant's telling of the life story of Harvey milk. i cannot in the 350 word limit text box supplied here express how thoroughly i enjoyed this movie and how touched i was by devotion to this movie of the people both on an off the screen. since i was a young child i was always confused why it should matter whether a person is Gay or straight, white or black, muslim or catholic or anything else for that matter, to me people have always been merely people. after watching this film i now see the true face of sheer hate and pride, i cannot describe the anger i felt watching the newsreel footage of people like John briggs or Anita Bryant who are so Obviously Blinded by conservative religious views that they begin to compare homosexuality to Pedophilia or Bestiality listening to these incredibly ignorant people made my blood boil. 

but this film is a true emotional masterpiece and is truly worth taking time out of your day to see it.

check out the website Here

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Who Watches the Watchmen?

Watchmen, based on the most critically acclaimed Graphic Novels of all time thunders its way into theaters this coming march. The year is 1985 and because of the Controversial Keene Act it is now a federal offense to be a masked Hero. Watchmen dives deep beneath the normally shallow colorful world usually portrayed in comic books to a darker more violent and fearful world of 1985 Manhattan.

Check out the Movie Site Here

Buy the Animated Novel on Itunes here

Thursday, November 13, 2008

And you thought making a paper hat was hard

Peter Callesen has brought Origami into a whole new dimension
looking at some of the incredibly intricate sculptures that he creates
out of 8.5/11 plain paper the sheer complexity of these pieces are
stunning but their elegance and sometimes very profound imagery is 
just as stingingly impressive.

check it out here

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trailer review-12

12 is director Nikita mikhalkov's retelling of the classic stage-play 12 Angry men i had the pleasure of seeing 12 angry men live on stage a few years ago and i have never felt that much power emanating from a play. the story encapsulates Human nature at its most primal form and perfectly displays doubt,trust,hate,and mercy from 12 very angry men. the movie is a retelling of this classic story and promises to be a thrilling tale.

check out the trailer here

Episode VII attack of the cubes

CubeeCraft strikes again!
about two months ago i came across a post on BoingBoing about a small paper sculpture created as a companion for Cory Doctorow's Novel Little Brother. and after perusing the site i was intrigued by the intricate little pieces of sortagami that were printable from the site.
CubeeCraft has a ton of these sweet little sculptures of all of your favorite characters, from  Rorschach to kirby, or Marcus Fenix to Dwight Schrute they have everyone.

Mushrooms galore... Not really.

Hey, this is Systemphreek,

And I'm here to bring you a band that you metal-heads will like, almost guaranteed. This band is not really up-and-coming, but I just found them and they're much better than some other crap that's big right now. This band is titled Mushroomhead, and although that brings a picture of a guy wearing a Mike Myers mask with a KFC bucket on his head to mind, Mushroomhead is a Slipknot-esque alternative metal band. If you want KoRn lyrics put to a sensible beat (don't get me wrong, I love KoRn, but...) and a low growl for the ages, listen to them. Amazing, makeup wearing freaks is what they are, but freaks with good music!

 Check them out here. So go, listen, and be happy.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Remember Remember the Fifth of november the Gunpowder Treason and plot, I can know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot. Guy Fawkes this day twas his intent to blow up King and Parliament, a fiery blast beneath the floor echos through England forevermore!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trailer review- REPO!- the genetic opera

The year 2056 organ failure has reached epidemic proportions but GeneCo has a solution! for a price of course, but if you fail to pay your dues you'll soon get a visit from a Repo man  and you'll pay for that surgery with your pound of flesh.

This trailer sparked interest with me, because I am not a fan of horror movies as a genre i find they sacrifice quality for sheer Gore, but i think REPO! might be the exception i've been looking for. this musical bloodbath comes out this friday and judging from the numerous clips,featurette's and trailers on the site, looks like it'll be worth checking out

check it out here

Friday, October 31, 2008

Political PWNAGE

with the elections looming just around the corner we probably all could use a break from our favorite politicians, maybe sit down, relax play a little X-Box... wait! they're there too!
in the game Mercernary2: world in flames you can Now play as Blastin Barack or Pwnin Palin!
this was brought to my attention recently by several sources the main of course being BoingBoing

watch the awesomeness here

Thursday, October 30, 2008

space zombies?.... oh sh*t

Hey, Systemphreek here,

I just finished the new game Dead Space for the second time, and this time I was trying to get all the achievements. And even though I knew where and when they were gonna happen, all the stuff that jumped out at me, all the things that come out of the walls and grab you, etc. still managed to scare the bejeezez out of me. I highly recommend this game. It almost, ALMOST beat Bioshock. If you liked Bioshock, this game is a must. It's darker, scarier, and more intense than Bioshock in many ways. And it's in the future, instead of underwater during the 60s (or was it the 50s, I don't remember). Anyway, point is, get Dead Space, you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Urban Vinyl

i've been privileged enough live around some seriously creative people and this guy is no exception, Franks schaefer has some serious talent when it comes to his unique style of photography. the pic above is one of my personal favorites "mickey Mao" which coincidentally showed up on my birthday card this year.
so check out some of the pics they are seriously wicked

check em here


Hey ya'll,

I'm Systemphreek, and I'll be helpin out with this blog. I'm a big gamer/musician, so that's what I'll be covering, the current gaming news and reviews, and music news and reviews and other such stuff. Any questions on games or music or the like, be sure to ask me. If I don't know the answer, I'll find someone who does. I should probably mention as well that I DO NOT DO RAP OR POP. Rock and metal, people. So yeah. For those about to rock, I salute you!

The Messy Magician

a good friend of mine and a truly masterful young magician, Lukas bielskis always sang the praises of Lennart Green who after watching his TED talks video which recently popped up on the underground magic site THEORY11, i was wowed by his apparently flaw-filled routine. where he drops cards,shoots them everywhere, and overall makes a ridiculous mess. yet STILL finishes everything PERFECTLY!!!!!!!! check it out

watch the vid here

Trailer review-The Spirit

most of my free time is spent on the downloads page watching HD movie trailers, and every so often one catches my eye. recently, the black trench coat, hat and mask with a blood red tie has caught my eye I'm speaking of course of Frank Millers the Spirit. now so far i've only seen the trailer so any of the following observations are based solely on that. the most recent trailer opens with a single frame flash of a woman being robbed by a man armed with a Cold steel magnum Tanto IX  when from the rooftops dives the Spirit. so far i'm interested, but i'm not going to give you a walkthrough of the trailer ill let you see it for yourselves. but this movie which is jam-packed with full throttle heavily stylized fight scenes,awesome weapons and many a lovely lady in my humble opinion this is gonna be one hell of a super-hero movie.

watch it here

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

it may always be sunny, but its also always funny.

for the past year ive been laughing my @$$ off to the comical strains of five a-holes from Philadelphia trying to run a bar, of course, im talking about the cult classic TV show its always sunny in philadelphia. the show is one of the few, the elite even, things i will make time for just to waste it watching this show. it is in my opinion a piece of boob-toob gold. the strange combination of pain, horror and joy you feel watching charlie pull his teeth out with the greatest of ease in the episode "mac and charlie die pt.1" is a feeling that will be all too farmiliar to you after watching a few episodes.

anatomy of monstrosities

this is an interesting little pic i found on one of my all time favorite blogs
which is managed by a friend of mine Mark Fraunfelder editor of Make Magazine
and youll be seeing alot more of pics and things from his blog in the future have no doubt

but this image personally cracked me up and stole my interest away for a good amount of time 

original post: here


well this is my newest blog im gonna dedicate this one to all of the weird little things i myself and some of my dear friends  find around the web and on other blogs(they will be fully credited) ill post everything from weird images to unusual articles to my own reviews on things in the tech,tool an Magic world as well as videos and music that gets me going so hope you enjoy!


the Unknower