Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mushrooms galore... Not really.

Hey, this is Systemphreek,

And I'm here to bring you a band that you metal-heads will like, almost guaranteed. This band is not really up-and-coming, but I just found them and they're much better than some other crap that's big right now. This band is titled Mushroomhead, and although that brings a picture of a guy wearing a Mike Myers mask with a KFC bucket on his head to mind, Mushroomhead is a Slipknot-esque alternative metal band. If you want KoRn lyrics put to a sensible beat (don't get me wrong, I love KoRn, but...) and a low growl for the ages, listen to them. Amazing, makeup wearing freaks is what they are, but freaks with good music!

 Check them out here. So go, listen, and be happy.

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