Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Movie review- Milk

It is a rare pleasure for me to see a movie that is so utterly moving that it makes me want to change the way i treat people of any color, any creed, any orientation and any opinion. It was my distinct pleasure to see the Gus Van Sant's telling of the life story of Harvey milk. i cannot in the 350 word limit text box supplied here express how thoroughly i enjoyed this movie and how touched i was by devotion to this movie of the people both on an off the screen. since i was a young child i was always confused why it should matter whether a person is Gay or straight, white or black, muslim or catholic or anything else for that matter, to me people have always been merely people. after watching this film i now see the true face of sheer hate and pride, i cannot describe the anger i felt watching the newsreel footage of people like John briggs or Anita Bryant who are so Obviously Blinded by conservative religious views that they begin to compare homosexuality to Pedophilia or Bestiality listening to these incredibly ignorant people made my blood boil. 

but this film is a true emotional masterpiece and is truly worth taking time out of your day to see it.

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